Dungeon Heart Game Review

This isn’t just an ordinary matching game. Innovative and unique, it forced me to think fast on my feet

Dungeon Hearts Game Review

A 3D anime style matching-puzzle strategy game with a very unique twist that sets it apart from other matching games. Fully Released and developed by: Root Cube

NOTICE: Interview with the developer at the end of the review

Why I was interested: I do not know about you guys, but I really adore puzzle games, especially matching ones. Heck my iphone/ipad even has a category strictly for that genre. I sink in hours upon hours of gameplay. Now, how I am, whenever I do too much of anything, I get bored faaaaaast. Sad to say, many of those matching games were also deleted as a result. I then scour the digital world for new interesting ones that is not like the others. The reason why I get bored quite fast with other online games is due to the fact that aside from art style, they all tend to be similar. Match, get the highest score, rinse and repeat. When I wrote Innovative on the title of this post, I felt like it was the perfect word to describe Dungeon Hearts. Not only is the art style pretty unique (for a matching game and I am basing this from my experience, feel free to correct me if I am wrong), I felt like it set a whole new bar for games that share the same genre. If I were to describe this using cooking as reference, the main ingredients would be RPG genre and traditional matching puzzle game. Now add a dash of unique added features and twists voila! Dungeon Hearts :). (I know I am a dork, but I was just watching Hell’s Kitchen, hence the cooking reference)

Platform: PC via steam and Ipad

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