Evidence For A Statement

Paragraphs need to give a clear statement evidence and an explanation of how the evidence proves the statement be sure to include all three sections in each body paragraph you write it’s a practice take a minute or so to read the following three sections which is the statement which is the evidence and which is the explanation put them in logical order according to how paragraphs should be structured you here’s the answer for even better practice right one of the body paragraphs that you plan to use in your essay remember to begin with the statement use evidence and explain how the evidence proves the statement always remember that quote should never begin or end a paragraph a quote cannot begin a paragraph because you the writer have not even made a statement yet what can a quote prove if there is no opening statement using a quote to start a paragraph would be like a lawyer in court saying that the police found fingerprints but nobody knows what the fingerprints prove demand your innocence first then use fingerprints to prove it the same goes with paragraphs.

Make your statement first then present the quote to prove the statement quotes should not be used to end paragraphs either ending a paragraph with a quote simply gives evidence without any explanation just as the second lawyer did in our example make sure that the jury understands how the fingerprints prove your innocence or else you could be in very deep trouble paragraphs need to explain how quotes and other evidence is important remember that all quotes and other forms of evidence need to be cited citations need to appear at the end of a sentence after punctuation in the quotation marks there are several different ways to cite sources MLA is perhaps the easiest and is used in most subjects MLA uses parenthetical citations which means the information appears between parentheses after the quote like this MLA citations are often easiest because they use so little information from the source often only the author’s last name and page number other citation styles require you to insert a small number after the quotation mark endnotes.

Use that small number to match that citation to information on the source listed at the end of the essay sometimes on a separate page to create an EndNote go to the end of the quote click on review and then click on insert EndNote the number should pop up automatically here we see the quote with a small number at the end which corresponds to a number on the works cited page again the number 2 at the end of another quote leads us to the source information listed in number 2 on the work cited page using footnotes is a bit trickier you still add your small number at the end of the quote but make sure to click on the insert footnote option this will divide your essay into two pieces you will see the main text at the top with a small section at the bottom where you will type in the sources information.