Mission and Objectives For Case Study

You just cannot randomly say oh you and open more stores to cut you know to deal with the sales drop because there are no resources this case study is telling you that right so in that sense you have to make sure that the alternatives fall within the organizational constraints once you have the alternatives or recommendations you need to run them through a few questions right I divide these questions into four one how well do the alternatives address the problem or the issue as stated that is how directly are you solving the specific problem the second thing is or are the alternatives consistent with the organization’s mission and strategic objectives. More about that onĀ Edusson.

Your alternatives or solutions cannot be random they have to fall within the strategic direction objective mission of the organization is that really what the organization wants to do if that is not the case then your recommendations really don’t mean anything number three the does the organization have the ability and resources to achieve the goals or your solutions right again as I said you cannot give them solutions that they cannot execute or they don’t have resources to execute consequently the final question that you need to ask would be if not if let’s say the organization does not have let’s say XYZ resources to implement your solution or alternative then you need to recommend as to what kind of additional resources and at what cost should the organization allocate or procure to achieve these specific solutions right.

So essentially what you’re doing is from the point of identifying a problem to the point of providing alternatives to a point where you’re also saying that this is the way you actually achieve these solutions that is the whole point of a case study analysis and of course eventually you write the report in the classroom you want to do a lot of that in your PG program but in the pre-programmed docket case we will not have a report probably a minor report we don’t care about that but we will use the blog as a way to have robust discussions regarding each and every case so in that sense we will keep pushing you we will keep engaging with you in terms of how best we can discuss the situations in each case study that’s just a way of having fun for us right given that we are a university right so these are all the things that I wanted to cover in this video I hope the short video is useful to you I hope that this is the first step in thousands of interactions that you and I will have over a period of the next one or two years and I truly truly look forward to having all of you on the campus meanwhile keep engaging with us keep writing on the blog and then if at any point you have any questions all you have to do is just and we will respond all right well nice talking to you and I hope to see you again.